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  • Amanda McKinney

I Made It To Pucallpa!!!!

After all my nervousness, I made it to Pucallpa just fine. And God, as always, was so faithful and gave me peace almost all day. This morning I felt really nervous until after I had checked in my luggage and went and sat in a café and just chilled with an apple muffin and café con leche. After that, I have had total peace all day and have actually felt very comfortable here. :) Pucallpa is really pretty! It's in the jungle, but it doesn't seem like we're in the middle of the Amazon.....It just seems like a city with a tropical climate. It isn't a huge city, but its developed enough that it has the equivalent of a Home Depot, a mall with a rather large grocery/department store, Pizza Hut and KFC! Although it has been spared from the Starbucks franchise thus far....Lima has not..... :) The directors of Refuge of Hope, Pastor Victor and his wife Ana, are very sweet and their family is extremely nice! One of their sons knows quite a bit of English, and since I've arrived we've been swapping Spanish/English phrases and words. Its been great! Pastor Victor is hilarious and is always joking and Ana is soo nice! I have my own bedroom really close to their house and I will be eating at their house with them, using their bathroom, and am welcome there anytime. For my first day here, it has been very tranquil with minimal misunderstandings. We'll see what tomorrow brings.... :) lol

The food here thus far is AMAZING!!!!! They have the typical massive amounts of rice with everything and the accompanying choclo(corn), but they also have yuca and plaintains galore!!!! My dinner this evening was 2 fried eggs, rice, and an entire fried plaintain, all to myself. Its glorious..... I've had a tour of Refuge of Hope and everything seems so homey/amazing to me, but I am really praying that the Lord reveals His will for me and I don't allow any possible emotional attachments guide any possible decisions. Please Pray with me in this.... Also please pray that the bugs don't get to me...they haven't been too bad yet, but I am slightly concerned about overnight......I've sprayed my bed with bug-spray, but while we were out today, I saw some pretty large beetles......I will just have to pray that God redirects the bugs too or helps me get over my arachnaphobia. I don't actually mind the beetles too much, I just don't want them in my bed. Thank you soo much for your continued prayer and love!!!!

This is hanging in the kitchen at Pastor Victor and Ana's house.....need I say more.... :)

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