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  • Amanda McKinney

Farewell Lima.....Pucallpa, here I come!!!

My time in Lima has come to an end....I leave tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM for Pucallpa. Yet another phase of this amazing journey is complete and another is about to begin. Although I feel like the adventure is just beginning.....

My time here in Lima has been amazing. Peruwayna Spanish School was awesome and all of the professors/staff are so nice and welcoming. I'm actuallye going to miss "going to school." :) I have learned so much and have definitely noticed a distinct improvement in my knowledge and my conversation ability, but there is still sooo much I need to learn! I feel like I could easily spend a couple more months in school, but just as Peruwayna's awesome administrative manager Laura said today - it is good to leave the school too because then you have to use Spanish in real life situations and not only in the classroom. And she is completely right...which is partially why I am so nervous about the next month....

Lima was a bit outside of my comfort zone and obviously different than home, but it is still not completely "new." I was in the same house and took similar routes last year. And the family I've stayed with know English(although they didn't always use it around me) and all of the teaching staff at Peruwayna know English as well. They were pretty much the main sphere of individuals I was surrounded by for the past month. So I had a safe fall-back if I was not being completely understood in Spanish and if I didn't understand something in Spanish. But in Pucallpa, this will not be the case....Everything will be new and I have no idea what to expect. I don't know if anyone at Refuge of Hope speaks any english and apparently the sign language in Pucallpa is very different than here in Lima so I may not have that to fall back on either....

I'm now in that place where you know without a doubt that God is in control and that you are exactly where He wants you, but there are so many unknowns ahead of you that you can't help but feel nervous and a bit anxious about the future. And I am praying that God reveals His will for my future pursuits working in Peru while I'm in Pucallpa, so that is another thing that is always on my mind. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by all of this, but I am asking that all of you pray that I don't allow that to happen. I feel like the real unknown, completely outside my schema adventure is just beginning and I don't want to miss out on anything that the Lord has for me. So please pray!!

Pray that I have safe and smooth travels tomorrow.

Pray that I transition well into the new environment, climate, etc.

Pray that I am comfortable screwing up and putting myself out there without fear of the possible uncomfortable repercussions.

I have absolutely nothing to hold on to and to validate me than Christ, so PLEASE, PLEASE Pray that I never forget that and live confidently in who I am in Christ.

Thank You ALL sooo much!!! Much Love and God Bless!!!

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