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Sun, sun, where's the morning sun??? Please shine down on me!!!!

So the weather for pretty much the entirety of Lima's Autumn and Winter is a gray, overcast sky, an occasional misting, and a breeze...........I am severely sun-deprived. Everyone here claims that they really like this type of weather and that they actually prefer it to the sunny summer months...those poor unfortunate souls!!!!(totally sang that as I typed it.... :) I am convinced that they are all merely in denial and in a vain attempt to try and stay positive, live in a constant state of self-imposed brain washing that gray, overcast, depressing weather is to be prefered over sunny, warm days! I couldn't tell you how many times during my explanation that I'm flying to Pucallpa after I leave Lima, I receive comments like "But its so sunny and hot there!", or "Oh, I'm sorry...will you be ok in that heat?" WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???????

3 weeks down....oh how time flies! Its weird that I only have one week left here in Lima......we had a rare occasion of only mostly cloudy skies yesterday which allowed the sun rays to shine through a little more than usual, so I stayed here at the house almost all day on the patio and had quite a bit of time of just meditatating and realizing a few things......

Here in Lima, I've had it pretty easy - I live in a decent part of town, go to school in one of the nicest parts of town, have a pretty regular routine, etc., and haven't really had too many struggles other than arguing with the cobradors on the buses when they try to charge me too much bus fare just to see if they can take advantage of the "Gringa"....but thats about it. I haven't had any Spiritual attacks and everything has been rather tranquill. But that is all going to change in a week...I'll be going into a situation where everyone only speaks Spanish, I have to adapt to yet another routine, and I really need to be sensitive to the Lord's leading for whatever He may decide to show me while I'm there. I'm soooo excited to be going, but the nervousness and anticipation is starting to set in......*need to get through one more week of classes, need to get through one more week of classes.......*

At the water park here in Lima on Friday night with my fellow classmates. :)

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