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  • Amanda McKinney

I'M HERE, I'M HERE!!!!!!

I can't believe I'm finally here....It seriously didn't hit me that this was actually happening until we were coming in to land in Lima. I think I had so much to think about in regards to switching flights, luggage, etc. and traveling alone for the first time, that I really didn't let it sink in..... When I finally got through immigration and met up with Carmen, it was like I could breathe again and then realized - The time is NOW....I'm actually here in Peru again!!!

I recognize soo much and can't believe its been almost a year since I was here last...I feel like I have finally been reunited with the part of my heart that stayed behind last year...Happy Sigh...... :) Now that I'm here, some of the things that were worrying me, I continually wondered about, etc., seem insignificant and not worth fretting over because God is going to take care of it. I actually surprised myself with how antsy I was about the whole delayed flight, being switched to another flight, being forced to check my carry-on with a very small margin of time for transferring, etc. I was/am completely aware that this trip is entirely in God's hands and that I would arrive whenever He wanted me to arrive with or without luggage, and that was ok. It seems so petty afterwards when we realize we have allowed ourselves to get in the way of God's peace once again. Oh, silly me to think that fretting would accomplish anything.... lol

Please continue to pray for me as I get my bearings, figure out my route to school tomorrow, meet with the school administrators tomorrow for the oral interview, and just get used to being here all seems so familiar already, even down to details like not actually putting toilet paper in the toilet...ever..... :)

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