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My Journey Peru I go!

The time has come......I almost can't believe its here! As I've pondered throughout today, I couldn't think of a better way to begin the 30th year of my life than to be heading to Peru tomorrow. Wow......what a whirlwind of events leading up to me leaving tomorrow.....

I am constantly awed by how intricate, detailed, and intimate our Heavenly Father is. It is solely because of Him that I am leaving tomorrow. My constant prayer and hope is that ALL of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ realize that they are just as much a part of this journey I'm on as I am. If it were not with God's clear direction(He's great and gives me a 2x4 over the head to make it clear what His will is), and the amazing prayer and support of all of you, there is NO WAY possible that I would be leaving tomorrow. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the parternship that soo many of you have already committed to me. Thank You. :)

Please continue to pray as I set out on travel flight leaves at 11:10 from VA, then, I'm transferring in NJ to head to Peru. I'll be arriving in Peru around 9:30 PM, then the adventure begins! Also, please keep in prayer the following:

-That I get easily back into study/school mode as I start classes Monday

-That I pick up fluency in Spanish quickly

-Safe travel to/from school everyday

-For Safety while I'm in Peru

Thank You

#peru #missions #provision

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