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  • Amanda McKinney

Spiritual Warfare Stinks....

I knew Spiritual Warfare would be a very real thing associated with this trip. I had my first exposure to a kind of Spiritual Warfare that I had only heard about last year when I was attacked while I was in Lima. Man is it emotionally and mentally draining! I knew to almost expect that, but Satan has decided to throw something else at me recently.....

Over the past week and a half or so, I have been plagued with this random, yet very familiar attack of an overwhelming feeling of desolation and solitude. It starts right in the middle of me and just emotionally wrenches me into a knot of darkness. I used to experience this as a child and it would periodically occur throughout my years after that. In time I recognized it when it was coming on and I would immediately just stop everything and start praying, and it would go away. It hasn't happened in quite some time until this past week and half. And it has hit me multiple times and with a much stronger force than before. THIS IS WHY I NEED YOUR PRAYERS!!! I don't know why God is allowing this now, but I do know it is not from Him.

I am well aware that God never leaves me nor forsakes me, but I am merely a sinful human who also deals with the consequences of the fall, and this, unfortunately is one of them. But nothing says I have to deal with it alone....Scripture states quite the contrary actually. So please, pray for me. I doubt this will be the only phase of my journey that I will be attacked like this again, so please continue to pray for me to be strong against these attacks and to never get lost in them, but to remember immediately to turn to God. Thank You.....

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