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Home Stretch to Peru & HELP!!!!!

2 1/2 weeks to go......I need to make packing lists....I LOVE freelance Interpreting!........Coffee please......Did I send that agency my invoice?........Need to figure out how to do a Power of Attorney.........Thank You Lord I'm not doing Night Shifts anymore!!!........Need to email the Missionaries in Pucallpa........What am I doing tomorrow????.......Need to do my homework for Bible Study tonight.......Oh, wait, It's Easter, I don't have Bible Study tonight..........Dude, Josh did a great job on my professional Pics(check out the pic with this post)!..........I need food...........AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Yep, this is the extent of my mental capabilities over the past few weeks.....some of you probably saw a similar mental regurgitation on my facebook status. They both have been very helpful in lowering my mental stress cause now I have all of the things I was trying to not forget written down! Thanks social media for being my cyber notepad! :)

Man, I feel a sense of urgency to get ready, but have absolutely no motivation to do so.....I kind of want to just sit, veg, listen to some awesome God Music, and let my mind and body drain to a peaceful bliss.........Ahhhhhh, everything would be right in the World.... :) God has an amazing way of always bringing us back to peaceful assurance that He has everything under control and we really have no business worrying in the first place. Don't you just LOVE being nestled right in the middle of God's hand and knowing that He is going to take care of everything, even when we royally screw up? MAN I LOVE MY GOD!!!! He consistently rocks my world with His lovingkindness, mercy, grace, joy, peace......ahhhh, the list could go on forever..... :)

So back from my mental hiatus.........I am slowly getting everything together! My suitcase has been up in my room for the past 2 weeks, and I've been slowly putting things in it that I don't want to forget or that I've specifically purchased for the trip. I am hoping to officially pack early next week so I won't be doing the last minute whirlwind of throwing everything in there the following week, but I know me, and maybe late next week or the beginning of the week I leave will probably be when packing happens. But God is faithful and as long as I don't spend too many hours catching up on "Dancing with the Stars" and "Growing up Fisher," then everything will be done before I leave. :)

Ok, serious note here - I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do ya'll really realize that I will be staying for 2 MONTHS in a Country on the opposite side of the equator with none of my family, friends, support system, church family, etc.? Do you know how scary that is???? I DO!!!!!! ALL of you should realize it too because THIS IS NOT MY TRIP. This trip is a step/part of the call to the Entire body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission! I just happen to be the PART of the body that is going to Peru. And I soooo don't want to miss out on anything that the Lord wants to do/show us as He uses this time to hopefully direct my future endeavors as a career missionary! SOOOO, I am Begging, PLEADing, PETITIONING ON MY KNEES to ALL of you......PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!!! Please send me encouraging notes!!! I am not doing this for me, but as a part of all of YOU! I am simply trying to be obedient for where the Lord is directing me to serve, but this is an Entire Body of Christ endeavor!!!!! DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING!!!!!

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