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  • Amanda McKinney

Freelance World, here I come!!!

Less than 2 months till Peru!!!!! And yet there is so much to do.......

So, of course everything couldn't stay "status quo" until I left. If planning for a 2 month trip out of the country which will probably start things in motion to drastically change my life, seeking God's will for my future through this trip, and trying to make sure I'm financially set for all that wasn't enough to worry about, lets add quitting my job in the mix! Yep, that's right, I am quitting my job at EnAbled Access, Inc. after working almost 8 years there.....its kind of bittersweet, but I know its the right thing to do. As of March 1st, I'm officially only part time there as I transition other interpreters into the jobs I was only taking.

Some would call it crazy, but hey, everyone needs a little crazy in their life! And I'm not completely job-less......:) I have now become self-employed! Yep, I am a bonified, legal, business tax-ID number owning, small women-owned business certified sole proprieter! (It was surprisingly easy to switch to all of that.....). And don't tell my old boss, but I MUCH prefer freelance interpreting to working as a staff interpreter at his company.....although, God did use my time at EnAbled Access, Inc. to teach me a lot and grow me as an interpreter to become who I am today. So my time there was very valuable to me. But I'm ready for the flexibility of Freelancing! I know it comes with its own headaches(like figuring out quarterly taxes to pay), but I know I'll figure it out as I go. :)

And another cool thing with switching to Freelance Interpreting now(I had thought of possibly doing that when I returned from Peru in July), is that I am building networks and contacts now with Agencies, other Interpreters, and clients that will help me jump back into the work world much sooner than I would have done without already having these contracts and contacts set up. God is so awesome how He figured all that out for me in my total ignorance.... :)

So, Freelance World, Here I come!!!!!!!


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