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  • Amanda McKinney

Peru - July 18, 2013

Today we went to Macchu Picchu! We were all sooo excited to finally be going to visit this amazing place! It was quite the trip though…we had to ride a van, a bus, a train, a bus again, then walk to actually get there. It was an absolutely gorgeous trip, but long nevertheless. But again, it was entirely worth it! Words really cannot express the amazing beauty and awe of the city of Macchu Picchu. It is an entire town that the Spaniards never found and therefore, was not in a state of various ruins. It really was the “Untouched City.”

If you want to see more pictures, then check out the photo gallery!

On our train ride back amidst our backtracking to get back to Cuzco, we were delayed an hour and a half due to a mechanical issue. This was disconcerting for all of us because we were surrounded by nothing but foliage, so if we got stuck there, we were seriously stuck. But of course God had a plan and worked out His timing. This added time gave 4 of the ladies in our group time to interact with one of the stewards on the train. They strongly encouraged, and ultimately convinced, him to join them in a game of Yahtzee. It was really funny watching him try to figure out the game, but really enjoying being able to interact and speak with them. This added time was a blessing to me as well because I was actually in charge of leading our bible study that evening and I hadn’t prepared anything with the expectation that God would give me something to share based on our experiences, etc. He definitely obliged! Just an fyi - Psalms 29 and 105:1-5a are an amazing description/example of what the Lord accomplished through the Incas at Macchu Picchu and is a lesson of what He is capable of doing in our lives. Where is God “Breaking Cedars, Shaking the Wilderness, and Giving you Strength” to bless you and accomplish His will?

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