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  • Amanda McKinney

Peru - July 16-17, 2013, Part 2

While visiting some historical sites surrounding Cuzco, it was so amazing to see the remnants of the ruins and how precise the architecture was! The temple we visited that was still entirely intact had such amazing well placed architecture that it has continued to stand amidst the numerous earthquakes that have occurred over the centuries! It was quite breathtaking! We also got to visit this one archeological site that provided our entire group much laughs and humor. The name of the place is Saqsaywaman, but due to our Americanized accents and inability to pronounce Quechua words correctly, it sounds like “Sexy Woman.” This consequently became a point of great joking and humor as we toured the site and imagined the Inca and Quechua people living there.

It was also an area of great awe as we saw some of the most amazing structural walls there! They have the largest boulders found in the area that were moved somehow and placed as foundations to the walls.

I believe it was also during this outing when poor Alex had to deal with us crazy women that we acquired the title of “Chicas.” Once when it was time to go on to somewhere else Alex happened to say “Vamos Chicas!”(Lets go ladies) and after that it just stuck and we were henceforth referred to as the “Chicas.”

Check out more photos from my trip in the photo gallery!

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