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  • Amanda McKinney

Peru - July 14, 2013

Today was absolutely amazing!!! We went to an international, inter-denominational English-speaking church and God did amazing things there!!! We received bulletins as we entered, and after we sat down, I read through it and realized that their structure had some similarities to my home church, New Life Community Church. Even from the moment we entered, the church felt very much like “home.” I even mentioned this to our director, Arlene, who was sitting next to me. Before the service began, they also had a slideshow projected rotating slides of announcements. Arlene saw a slide that stated they had an international Christian school at the church and mentioned it to me stating that perhaps something like that may be something I could do while I’m in training in Peru and waiting for God to lead where He wants me. I thought that was a great idea since there was clearly no place for me at any of the deaf schools we'd seen up to that point. So that had me thinking throughout the service.

The service began and the worship, etc. was amazing. Then at one point early in the service, there was a time for a congregational prayer. As we began reading and reciting this prayer together, the words seemed directed specifically as encouragement for me, and the Lord overwhelmed me with the most amazing, cleansing, refreshing peace that seemed to wash away all of the struggles, unrest, and strife from the previous week as Satan constantly attacked me. I felt like I could finally breath and I very clearly could feel the Lord saying, “You are exactly where I want you.” I was so overwhelmed as all of this hit me, I just broke down right in the middle of the prayer and sobbed. I had been asking for peace and direction all week, and He just “drowned” me in it at that moment. :) It was sooo amazing. God is so faithful! I am very excited to see what He has for me in Peru in the future! I definitely believe I will be going back at some point, I am just waiting now to see how, with whom, etc. :)

In the afternoon we went to Omar’s house and it was very humbling and eye-opening to see the conditions they live in. This is the home we had raised additional funds for to build an addition onto their home. It was a blessing to be able to tell Theresa (Omar’s mom) that we had the funds to build the additional room onto their home. It was so awesome to see the humility and love there as well as see God working within that family.

This is a picture of Omar's home from the stairs that go down the "mountain"(giant dirt mound). that their house is on. You can see more pictures from my trip in the photo gallery!

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