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Peru - July 13, 2013

We went to Dahlia and Homberto’s home this morning, but what an adventure it was! First, Dahlia is an amazing woman who works as Ernesto’s house-keeper and cooked, cleaned, did laundry, etc. while we were there. Homberto is deaf and is Dahlia’s son. He goes to school at Beethoven during the day, then Nisor in the afternoons.

Anyway, we ended up in a traffic jam and our bus wasn’t moving. We sat there for almost 10 minutes until we got off to go to another street to try and hail taxis. While all of us women were waiting at a street corner and Ernesto was trying to get taxis, a policeman came up and told us we were not safe where we were and then proceeded to lead our entire group to a main highway and got us on a bus that took an alternative route to get to Dahlia and Homberto’s home. We found out later just how much of a Blessed Godsend that policeman was…that area of town that we had been traffic-jammed in was a very bad part of town. While we were sitting in that bus not moving, we were sitting ducks for thieves. Especially as foreigners, we were targets that thieves would take notice of and then start a chain of information flow to inform others in the area that we were there and easy targets. So the longer we sat there, the more danger we were in, which is why Ernesto wanted us to get off the bus and try to get taxis.

The policeman had apparently been riding a bus in the opposite direction and had seen us on the street corner while we were waiting for taxis, and got off the bus to come to us and help us get out of there. He very quickly led us away and would constantly look back to make sure we were staying together and not get separated. Ernesto did not inform us of all the details of the situation until later, so none of us had a full understanding of how grave the situation was. But it was ok, because God had a policeman waiting to help us!

For a late lunch, we were going to meet up with Carmen, Ernesto’s daughter, and the medical missions team she was with, but we ate at a different restaurant so Ernesto could enjoy the time with his daughter. The food was absolutely amazing! I want to learn to cook the same food I ate while I was in Peru….

After lunch we got a different kind of churros to eat, did a little more shopping in the area that the restaurants were at, then headed back to Ernesto’s for the evening. We had Pizza Hut for dinner (Peru’s Pizza Hut is better than the U.S.’), then called it a night. It was altogether an amazing God day.

Here is a picture of Homberto and I at Ernetso's house. You can see more pictures from my trop in the photo gallery!

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