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  • Amanda McKinney

Peru - July 12, 2013

We went to Beethoven School this morning and wow, what an amazing school! It has its own nicely spaced out compound and they are able to provide some great education there! Efata was the only school that compared to this one, and Efata was definitely a Christian School; but for being a government run, pilot program, I was quite impressed! God has definitely put the right people in place to make the decision to ensure that the deaf students are getting their needs fulfilled.

It was really awesome that we had the opportunity to go to each classroom and see the hearing teachers signing and the deaf assistants totally focused on the students and their progress. Additionally, it was really cool to be able to converse with one of the deaf assistants who actually knew American Sign Language. It was a pretty awesome morning.

In the afternoon, we worked with the kids at Nisor. Those 3 hours were really awesome because I actually got to interpret that entire time rotating with Susan. With the help of one of the deaf instructors who would clarify and expound what we had interpreted, communication effectively happened! I was a small group of students, but it was really cool because we had actually been interacting with 2 of those students, Johanna and Homberto, multiple times throughout the week we had been there. It was also awesome to see the mothers of the students getting involved and signing with their kids. I totally enjoyed it!

In the evening we went out to dinner and got to see some cultural dancing from different regions of Peru. In between the cultural dances, they had open dance time, so we got to dance ourselves as well. It was a late night, but really enjoyable! You can see more pictures from my trip in the photo gallery!

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