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Peru - July 11, 2013

Today was really great, but a little bittersweet at the same time. We went to Efata Ministries in the morning and it was really awesome. It took us a while to get there by using three different types of transportation – taxis to the train station, a train, then moto-taxis to Efata. The moto-taxis were the most vicarious and interesting by far!

Once we arrived, it was soo obvious that God was working there. It was pure joy to work with them, see the love that exuded from every person there, and finally get to meet my friend Elena who works there that I had met through another friend. It was amazing to finally get to see Efata, but a little bittersweet since I already knew going there that it was not the place that I would be able to work at long term (see previous blog called “Efata Ministries story”). God did give me peace about that though, because I know He has a plan for me and will work it out in His time. :)

In the afternoon we went shopping at the Inca Market and that was fun! I surprised myself in that I was actually pretty comfortable bartering. It was a long, fun, and exhausting day, but it was awesome!

This is what a Peruvian moto-taxi looks like. You can see more pictures from my trip in the photo gallery!

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