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Peru - July 7, 2013


We arrived! After a 2-hour delay trying to take off, we arrived in Lima and made it to Ernesto’s house by 1 AM. It didn’t hit me that we were there until this morning while journaling and realizing how God was still working and active in my life even in the little things.

It was so peaceful to be able to sit on the top concrete step at the top of the staircase in Ernesto’s home, have the early morning light streaming in the windows, and hear the birds chirping. Everything was quiet as everyone else still slept except my thoughts….we were in Peru and I wanted God to fill me with His peace and give me direction while we were there. I had already experienced Satan begin to actively attack me Friday evening, July 5. At that moment, sitting there early in the morning, our first full day in Peru ahead of me, God was giving me a break from the roller-coaster of emotions that kept me in a state of restlessness before we left and during our travel. I knew He was faithful and would guide our every step and endeavor, and I couldn’t wait to be blown away.

We went to a Spanish church in the morning that was supposed to have an interpreted service for the deaf, but upon our arrival, we discovered that just the week before they had changed the time of the interpreted service to an earlier service. So we stayed for the worship, then left. Worshipping in Spanish was pretty cool because we could follow the words on the projector and the music itself was familiar.

After church we went and walked around Old Lima. It was really amazing to see some of the architecture that still stands from when the Spaniards constructed it. It was absolutely beautiful. We also got to see the Peruvian "White House" where the president lives and the main Cathedral that the Spaniards built when they came to take over the Southern Americas. We had lunch at a restaurant there as well where I discovered that I actually like beets. Lol! They were served with extremely moist “pollo a la brasa” (rotisserie chicken), fries, carrots, green beans, and the most amazing spicy mustard I have ever tried.

In the afternoon we organized all the supplies we had brought and went out and bought some supplies we still needed for the coming week at all the schools. At the store was where I first became acutely aware of the fact that I really should have improved my Spanish before I left….

It was overall a nice day to get acclimated to Lima and then use the afternoon to prepare for the week of going to the different schools.

Here I am in front of the "White House." You can see even more pictures from my trip in the photo gallery!

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