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  • Amanda McKinney

The Journey Begins

So today is the day...My journey to Peru begins this morning. I am picking up the other team member that lives in Stafford, Susan, and we are heading to NJ to join the rest of the team.

Words can not describe the excitement, anticipation, and pure longing I have for whatever the Lord has planned for us/me in Peru. This trip is going to teach me so much and possibly be a pivotal point in my life! I have no idea what the Lord has planned for me in the future in regards to missions, but I do know it is something. I can not wait to get in country and just experience God's amazing provision, guidance, and orchestration of our entire time there.

What a glorious and exhilarating knowledge/experience to know that you are exactly where God wants you! I couldn't imagine doing anything else right now! The comfort in being cradled so tenderly and lovingly in God's hands with no concern for the numerous unknowns ahead is such a freeing and solid place to be! Just last night I was soo overwhelmed with the realization that the anticipation and waiting was over - that the next step in whatever God's plan for me is beginning today - that I just broke down in joyous tears. I was equally overwhelmed with a desperate desire to go, to receive guidance from the Lord to be sent somewhere long-term, and to be a vessel and servant for my amazing Lord to the ends of the earth. With such longing I cried out to Him to break me, mold me, use me, and send me!

Our God is a faithful and loving God. His will and desires for us are such an amazing and wondrous thing, and I am so very acutely aware of His provision. I could not have come to this amazing point in my life without my brothers and sisters in Christ being willing to allow God to use them, guide them to come alongside me, encourage me, and support me. I am so very blessed to be a part of the largest and most loving family, that I simply feel totally spoiled by God's work.

As I start my journey today, I petition your continued prayers. God has a plan and His will WILL be done. I am really just along for the the ride. :) But I don't merely want to be an empty vessel being used by God, I want to be stripped of my selfishness, pride, and fear. I want God's eyes and heart. I want direction for my future in missions, and I want to come home with a mission to accomplish going forward. May God be glorified and magnified in all that I do. :)

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