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  • Amanda McKinney

Send Me

By Amanda McKinney

My chest is weighted!

My heart will burst!

My desire is great

And with such passion I thirst!

Lord lead me! Send me!

Take me to the ends of the earth!

I want to work! I want to serve!

I want to live on Your turf!

Be it Peru, be it Africa

Be it China, or Guam!

I don't want to stay comfortable-

Complacent- at home.

Move my home!

Give me guidance to go!

Wherever You wish -

That will be my new home!

Lord You have prepared me

For whatever Your will:

I am willing, desirous,

No, DESPERATE to fulfill!

As Peru approchaes

Please, Lord, help me to be still,

Waiting patiently on Thee

For the revealing of Your will.


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