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Satan Strikes, But God Shows Him Up

My car (christened “Edna Mole”) has had a mind of its own since I bought it in October 2009. The transmission would unset itself, then reset itself all on its own. This was corrected for a while, but it began again this past January. Then a little over 2 weeks ago, Edna Mole started struggling to shift gears and made some very unnerving sounds and jerks in the process. It was not a constant issue, but obviously something I was concerned with. I was finally able to drop my car off at my mechanic this past Monday morning to be told that it was time to start looking for another car. Turns out my transmission was burning up and a converter was bad and that they would both need to be replaced. Edna Mole was not worth the cost of replacing such expensive items, so the search for what the Lord wanted me to do next began in earnest.

After having a brief time of frustration and wondering why on earth this was happening now of all times, I was filled with the most amazing and overwhelming peace. I was very much aware that this was an attack and I swore I would not let Satan get the best of me. I also knew that Edna Mole was not really mine, but God’s, and that He knew exactly what was going on. He also knew that I have been trying a to pay off bills so that I may be as debt free as possible to be better prepared to go somewhere if He calls me to long-term missions somewhere. I was only $800 away from paying off Edna Mole! But God, as always, is all-sufficient and knows exactly what He is doing.

My mechanic contacted the person they usually sell junk cars to and he offered to pay $600 for Edna Mole! I was really not expecting that much due to the condition that she was in. I went ahead and payed off Edna on Monday so that I could get the title and sell her. Then I just prayed. I didn’t know If God wanted me to go ahead and get another car loan, or if He had something else planned. I did start researching cars and went ahead and got pre-approved for a loan through my bank Wednesday afternoon. During Prayer Meeting at my church Wednesday Night, God gave me the peace about going forward with financing a car. Now the question of which car??

I had already started comparing compact cars with good gas mileage that would compliment my crazy work life as an Interpreter commuting everywhere. Thursday afternoon I had narrowed it down to 3 possible cars-a used Toyota Yaris, a used Honda Fit, or a New Chevy Spark. I had already driven the Chevy before as a rental car and I was currently driving the Yaris as a rental car. All three get decent gas mileage with the Chevy Spark getting the best gas mileage. I then called my car insurance company to just inform them of the condition of my current car on the policy and to get any guidance about switching whatever car I got onto my policy. I ended up also getting quotes on the different cars I was considering. Now, as some of you may know, the newer the car, the more expensive the insurance for them typically is since they are worth more. First they calculated a 2011 Toyota Yaris, then a 2011 Honda Fit, and lastly the Chevy Spark. As I got the first quote, I was pleasantly surprised that my insurance would decrease. This was also true for the Honda Fit. When we got to the Spark, the agent asked me if I still wanted that quote as well, and I said, “Sure, why not.” Once the calculation had completed, the agent remarked, “Wow… Well, get ready to be surprised.” The brand new 2013 Chevy Spark would have the biggest decrease of all 3 cars. I immediately knew that the Chevy Spark was supposed to be my car. :)

Thursday Night I researched local dealerships that had the Spark LS in stock(the base model) and found 3 – one in Fredericksburg, VA, one in Woodbridge, VA and one in Sterling, VA. The one in Woodbridge was listed as having the most possible incentives that could lower the price, so I decided that was where I wanted to go. I called the dealership Friday and set up an appointment to meet with a sales associate at 9 AM Saturday morning. I am not a good haggler at all, so I then prayed that night and almost the entire morning once I woke up until I arrived at the dealership that God would direct and give me the words to say, the numbers to focus on, the confidence to stand my ground and walk away if that’s what He wanted, etc. Everything went perfectly fine until numbers were being crunched. We went back and forth at least 5 times until the finance guy declared that their last offer was the best they could do and if that didn’t work for me, then we would have to part ways. This entire time I had total peace that this was definitely supposed to be my car, but I also knew exactly what number God had given me to push for. They got it down to about $400 over the sale price I was set on. After arguing that it would only be about $5 more a month in payment, I knew that I could not accept that and had to leave. As I got up, walked out, went to my rental car and got in, my mind was racing and I just kept praying, “Lord, what do you want me to do? I know this is supposed to be my car. Am I supposed to leave, then come back later? Is this really not my car and I have to go to another dealership?” As my mind kept going for about 30 seconds while I sat in the car, the sales associate I had been working with came up to the car and asked me to go back inside and that they would give it to me at the price I had told them. I was soo overwhelmed with peace and relief that I had to hide my periodic, giddy, grinning as I kept thinking about how AWESOME my God is while waiting for paperwork to be finished.

Four hours after I had arrived at that dealership, I left with the keys to a new, 2013 Chevy Spark LS that I ended up financing for less than I would have paid for either of the 2 other cars used. I now have to continue paying off a car loan, but I have total peace that this is God’s plan and will for me right now. Not only do I not have to continually worry about Edna Mole acting up and maybe dying on me, but I now have a reliable car that gets such good gas mileage that I am going to save about $150 a month on gas that I previously had to budget and I am saving money on my car insurance. I am just awed at how intricately involved and how amazing our awesome, loving, all-knowing Father in Heaven is…...

Satan, bring on your worst cause ain’t nothing going to overpower MY GOD!!!!

This is my new, "Techno Pink" Chevy Spark :)

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