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Our God is an Awesome God

Our God is an Awesome God!

This past Friday evening we had a fundraiser variety show at my church, New Life Community Church, for my trip to Peru this July. What an outpouring of love and support!! I am continually amazed and encouraged how God's people come together in total service to others and show Christ's love and compassion through being the hands, minds, servants, workers, etc., to benefit His kingdom. This was so eloquently epitomized in the amount of people involved with making Friday evening an enjoyable and successful event.

A total of $1,475 was raised! This completes the funding I needed to complete my costs for the trip and provides additional money to be used to buy books for the kids at the 4 schools we will be working with and/or to help in funding the addition onto the school at NISOR!

WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! This is HIS trip and He WILL be praised throughout each and every detail leading up to this trip and all the details while we are there. I cannot explain the amazing peace and encouragement I am uplifted with knowing that soo many brothers and sisters are praying for me and the trip, coming alongside me to support me in any way I need, and, unknowingly, constantly being a continual conformation to me that this is God's will.

THANK YOU ALL so much and may God Be Mightily Glorified in ALL things!!!

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