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  • Amanda McKinney

Peru Team Meeting #2

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105

So on Sunday, April 7, we had our second Team Meeting! It was really awesome. Since 5 members of the team are in New Jersey, and 2 of us are in Stafford, the other team member in Stafford and I meet together at her house and Skype in to the Meeting. This allows for some funny interactions sometimes. :)

Anyway, this trip is shaping up to be quite exciting! The goal of our trip was refined to be that we are not going there necessarily to teach the students, but while interacting with the deaf students through doing Science Projects, reading activities, etc., our goal is to empower the teachers. The requirements for being a teacher for the deaf in Peru are pretty much nothing, so the teachers are just people who have a heart and desire to teach the students, but many of them have not had formal Deaf Education training. Therefore, our goal is to give the teachers more resources and methods to be able to use while they are teaching the students. We are hoping to minister to them and the students.

Our team is composed of 4 educators(one of which ahs worked in Deaf Education for quite some time), and 2 Sign Language Interpreters(Thats me!). The other team member here in Stafford is the other interpreter and we have actually worked together before, so that is a huge blessing that I am not joining this team totally as a "newbie" to everyone. :)

Our Meeting was really encouraging, informative, and enjoyable as we did a silly "get-to-know-you" activity in the beginning, but I am really beginning to see it all come together as our trip quickly approaches!

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