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  • Amanda McKinney

Going to Peru

My first step to getting to Peru is going to be a short term trip this July 6 - 20, 2013 with "Signs of Fun Camp and Missions" that focuses on Deaf Missions. We will be in Lima, Peru July 6 - 15, 2013 working with four different organizations that all work with the Deaf - EFATA Ministries, Senales, Nisor and Fundesorp. We will then be going to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, Peru July 16 - 20 interacting with the Deaf Community and doing some sight-seeing.

The focus of this trip is educational. All of the organizations we will be visiting/volunteering at have schools for Deaf children and focus on providing an education that would otherwise be inaccessible in the public schools. Our team is comprised of seven women and include both educators and Sign Language interpreters. The seven of us are located in New Jersey and Virginia, but we will all be flying out of and returning to Newark, NJ.

Personally, I am using this trip as a sort of Vision Trip to seek the Lord’s will and see if He leads me/gives me any direction while I’m there concerning how I'm to be involved with continuing missions to Peru. Please support me and the team through your prayers!

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