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EFATA Ministries Story

On Friday, March 16, 2012, the day the Lord confirmed my call to Peru. I was searching online to see what I could find about Deaf Missions to Peru. Through a links page on another website, I found a link to EFATA Ministries. While perusing EFATA's website, I really liked what I saw and agreed with their doctrine, so I really wanted to learn more. I was not able to email them to give them some background about myself, describe the Lord’s call for my life and ask for more information until Sunday, March 18, 2012. Within an hour and a half of emailing them, I had a response from Pastor Joe Kotvas, the pastor of the Deaf church at EFATA. He was excited for me and what the Lord was doing in my life, and informed me that He and his family were actually in the states on furlough and would love to meet up at sometime if that could be arranged. They informed me they would actually be presenting at a church in Silver Spring, MD (Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church-my best friend’s church) on Easter Sunday, and perhaps we could meet around that time. The Lord blessed us with being able to meet for about four hours that Thursday.

By the time I left, I had learned such an incredible amount of information and had made some amazing friends! I also at that time believed that EFATA was where the Lord wanted me to be, and they thought so too, but on June 7, 2012, the Lord closed that door for me to work with them(temporarily or permanently, I don’t know). We have continued to communicate and will definitely remain friends, but we shall see where the Lord leads next!

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