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  • Amanda McKinney

Eyes to See

By Amanda McKinney

I am so blind!

Please, Lord help me to see!

Through this American Mask

Of pride and hypocrisy!

We are so broken,

Yet we think we know best;

Thus we impose upon the world

And with such flourish, oppress.

Who are we

To think we are gods?

All-triumphant pawns

Against all odds?

How audacious!

How absurd!

We are merely swine

Among the herd!

Please Lord, give me Your eyes

I wish not to be blind.

I want to see all as beauty

Not just preserved images in my mind.

You have created such diversity,

Such beauty, colors, creeds!

I want to have a heart for all,

Not merely comfortable breeds.

Lord, break me! Mold me!

Give me a heart like Yours!

Let my eyes be welled up!

And my soul completely torn!

I am overwhelmingly opulent

With no right to be so!

Lord, I cry to Thee!

Break me from this American mold!


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